DPRL Durance Racing

On a motorbike, every single detail of design and mechanics must be raised to its maximum potential so that the efficiency, safety and unleashed power achieve competitive results. DPRL Durance is the only complete range of products for motorbike care used and tested on the Moto GP circuits by the DPRL YAMAHA SRT team with the aim of cleaning, lubricating and making every fixed or moving surface shine in perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Developed using competition-standard technology, the DPRL Durance range offers specific, highly innovative formulas for treating all metal and plastic surfaces and mechanical components of the motorbike, specially studied to optimize performance and take the driving experience on two wheels to the maximum.


Working hand in hand with a Moto GP 2019 championship team means constantly striving for perfection, test after test, so that every single product for the maintenance and care of the motorbike offers an increasingly good performance. The whole DPRL Durance range, approved and endorsed by the DPRL Yamaha SRT team and developed to respond to the particular expectations and needs of the fleet led by Johan Stigefelt, combines sportiness with innovation in order to climb the championship rankings and offer all motorcyclists the same quality as that in Moto GP.


From the official supplier of the Moto GP DPRL YAMAHA SRT team comes a complete premium products range for bike maintenance and care.