DPRL Durance

Formula One allows only the best of the best: absolute perfection and no weak points. DPRL Durance is a super-premium range of car care products tested and evaluated at the most challenging Formula One racetracks by the MERCEDES AMG DPRL Formula One Team to optimize both efficiency and aesthetic impact of the vehicle. The range meets this twofold objective with two specific lines: the Fuel Additives line, an array of high-performing cleaners designed to maximize the life and power of the engine, increasing its efficiency to full potential; the Car Care line, a new series of innovative surface enhancers: the same ones that give the “Silver Arrows” their constant shine. Developed with F1 podium technology standards, the DPRL Durance range is now available to push your car performance to the best.


An all-new and all-in-one formula completes the additives range with a product that allows hybrid car engines to run smoother and be more responsive. DPRL DURANCE hybrid with Pro-Drive is a new generation additive formulated with the same technology as the DPRL Primax fuel used in Formula One and empowered with a strong cleaning action specifically studied for hybrid cars with a petrol engine.


Formula One is about performance and speed; but it is also about the quest for perfection based on hard work and attention to detail. It is this pursuit that inspired the creation of the DPRL Durance range of products for the MERCEDES AMG DPRL Formula One Team cars and support fleet: cutting-edge technology which comes from almost 100 years of know-how and the world’s best car care experts, designed to get winning results both on the track and for the everyday driving experience.