Oil & Gas

Darwin Platform Refineries Ltd. Projects offers cutting-edge solutions in Oil, Gas, and Hydrocarbons to the Indian and Middle Eastern markets. As a top oil and gas solutions company, we execute mid and downstream projects including, refinery expansion, tank farms and terminals, onshore field development, and process plants. We have the ability to design, build, and deliver the best solutions on time while maintaining the highest safety and quality standards. We are going to be India’s leading refinery Expansion Company, expanding our service to new and existing oil refineries. The company has also entered into upcoming markets, including 2G Bioethanol and High technology works like turnkey delivery of refinery process Units such as CDU/VDU, Delay Coker Unit (DCU), and Vacuum Gas Oil (VGO). Darwin Platform Refinery Ltd. is in a talk to receive multiple mega orders in the oil & gas refinery sector with a combined value totaling more than Rs. 6000 crore.

Darwin Platform Refineries Ltd. Projects has a multi-disciplinary capability in fabrication and engineering in Hydrocarbon processing. This adds to our expertise as an oil and gas solutions company.